Hello world!


As me and many soccer fans eagerly await for this summer which will bring us the Copa America Centenario and the UEFA Euro, I’ve decided to once again give the whole blogging thing another try.

Previous blogs from me didn’t had a set structure or objective which made it difficult to know what to write about.

This time the idea is much clearer. I will start by writing previews about every group in this summer’s competition and discuss and analyze some of the of the main points on key matches this summer. Hopefully I will find the best way to keep going into the domestic leagues season in August.

The format of writing is something that I have experimented with before and that is something different. The new format, my views of the sport and knowledge will help me produce something that is unique an different from what you’ll find in other sports websites and blogs.

In addition to this I will have the opportunity to be at three different games this summer to share the experience with you. I will be at the Mexico vs. Chile friendly in San Diego on Wednesday, then at the Mexico vs. Uruguay in Phoenix on June 5 and finally the Copa America Centenario third place game also in Phoenix on June 25.

I hope you enjoy what is about to come and as always feel free to share your thoughts and comments.




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